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n scale train layoutsN Scale Train Layouts – A Wide Variety Of Options

Before we get into actual layouts you can use, (if you’re in a hurry skip to the end), let’s talk about what you will actually need for your N scale trains and why this might be right for you.

If you’re a model train enthusiast but have some serious limitations as far as extra space in your living quarters, the N gage train layouts are probably just your size. Let’s go over some general tips on working with N scale train layouts and set up. If you’ve picked ‘N’ scale for your trains you’re in good company; it is the most popular scale for model railroads. The spacing between the rails is 9 mm, no matter if the scale range ratio is 1:160 or down to 1:148. The reason that the letter ‘N’ is used actually makes reference to the dimensions of the track. The big advantage with these is the space, or lack thereof, needed for setup. The ‘HO’ scale is far more popular than the ‘N’ scale, but requires far more space for setup. The ‘N’ scale is approximately half the size of ‘HO’; and ‘Z’ scale is even smaller yet. The absolute smallest little trains and accessories are ‘T’ scale with a ratio of 1:450.

N Scale Train Layouts – You do the math

Even though you’ve chosen a small scale to work with, be absolutely sure that you take your measurements and make all your calculations correctly. Getting part way through the layout and having to start over again is no fun for any one. Do it right the first time. Measure, and then measure again. You’ll be working with square footage and lengths of track.

N Scale Train Layouts – Feel the power

Don’t forget too, to figure out the perfect space for your transformer that will need to pump out 18 volt-amps to power your train and accessories. The other option would be a separate transformer for your train and yet another one for your accessories. The train is going to require maximum power, so try not to share the power source anymore than you have to. Creative train enthusiasts that deal with ‘N’ scale models have experimented with digital command control for added control of their trains; the wiring is easy and more trains can run in a smaller area.

N Scale Train Layouts – Diesel/electric or steam?

It seems that the popularity contest between the two is won by steam. Most enthusiasts prefer the nostalgic look as well as the multiplicity of the moving parts. There are also more accessories to choose from with steam than with diesel. Should you actually decide to go with the diesel, do everything you can to get the all-wheel electrical pickup. For whatever reason, low priced steam engines vs. similarly priced diesel engines end up with diesel having the better record for general running.

Freight cars or passenger cars? Freight cars have a better array of colors that makes them fun to look at, but passenger trains come in a bigger variety and are fun. And scenery? The problem here won’t be what to buy; it will be what to leave out!


Just a couple more things that you want to make sure you don’t skip over. Choose a strong fiber-less base and secure it well. And don’t skimp on lighting. The detail on the layouts is incredible; absolutely astounding. Don’t cut yourself short by not providing enough lighting by which to see the details. So… Ready to go?

All aboard!

For a top cover, there is a material called Tyvek, which is recommended to protect your layout, as it is tear-proof and also fiber-free. It is used in kite manufacturing so it is strong, thin, and perfect for N scale train layouts.

OK, now let’s get down to brass tacks. There are 3 incredible resources for N Scale train layouts.

model train layoutsWith the book Model Train Layouts you’ll get all the scenery ideas you will ever need. If you’re ready to start building, start here. It will save you both time and money. The layouts they have listed are amazingly realistic. This is actually two books plus bonuses. The first book is loaded with scenery layout construction ideas and the second gives you answers to 303 common questions asked and answered by model train enthusiasts.

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model train clubJoin the club. As you get more into your N Scale train layouts (and believe me you will), then you’ll want to constantly converse and learn from like minded people around the world. That’s what the Model Train Club is all about. You’ll never have another unanswered question and each month you’ll get access to an expanding treasure trove of valuable model train resources.

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model train helpWant hundreds of model railroad tips, secrets and tricks of the trade? Of course you do.  That’s where Model Train Help comes in.  It’s got everything you need to know to design, build, maintain and repair your model railroad. They’ll even show you where to go to get up to 72% off the retail price on all your accessories for your N Scale train layouts.

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